Orange Coast College Gets New Updated and Improved Planetarium

A new planetarium for Orange Coast College has been in the works for a number of years. With the help of donations, the school is close to having the new planetarium open for future students of the college. With the help of donations from people like Mary McChesney, who worked for the college prior to retiring in 1983. Mary and her partner, Adelyn “Lyn” Bonin were both professors for the school prior to leaving to retire in 1983. Lyn passed away in January and the donation Mary made to the school was done in the name of her partner.



Mary believes in the education of youngsters and knows how important it is to earn your degree. For this reason, she believes in donating to schools to expand their backgrounds. For Orange Coast, they had a planetarium which was in need of updating and therefore the donations saved to help update the planetarium led to the destruction of the old planetarium and the breaking of ground for the new.


The planetarium broke ground in 2016 while the old one was being taken down. The old planetarium was able to seat 35 people at once while the new planetarium will allow for 129 people to sit at once. The old building was first opened back in the 50’s and even though they broke ground in 2016, the new building is set to be opened in the fall of 2018. Technology is always moving forward and for this reason, the school knew that it would need to also update the planetarium and simply updating the old building was not an option.


The college is not the only one who will benefit from the new planetarium. The community will also benefit from it. The new building will be able to be used for all age groups ranging from kindergarten up until college. Not only will the planetarium be open to all school age children but the community will be allowed to use it as well.


The cost for the new planetarium is slated at 20 million dollars while the school has received numerous donations from people like Mary, the donations they collected were close to 3 million including the million that Mary donated. The vast majority of the remaining funds were acquired when the school obtained the 2012 bond measure.


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The Corporate And Philanthropic Profile Of Kevin Seawright

Many successful people in business share their personal and entrepreneurial life publicly. One of these successful businessmen in the finance sector is Kevin Seawright. For those people curious who he is, Kevin Seawright is no less than the administrator and financial operations consultant and expert who has built his career on providing expert advice and brilliant economic plans for the clients of Newark Economic Development Corporation where he is currently employed.

It is also not hard to see how he is now the Vice President of the company, knowing that he was able to provide reorganization strategies to various businesses in New Jersey.

Corporate Creations

There are numerous advocacies and projects that Mr. Seawright started, and all of these have brought great successes to his career and to the companies he served. Read more: Kevin Seawright Joins Newark Community Economic Development Corporation

One of the projects that Kevin founded was the RPS Solutions LLC, a firm based in Baltimore that oversees structural developments and asset management of various governmental contracts built in marginalized neighborhoods that require lots of assistance.

Kevin founded RPS in 2015 with the sole goal of making sure that authorities and civil society can address the problems regarding homes in the marginalized areas, including the provision of affordable housing for Baltimore residents and the areas nearby.

Biggest Accomplishments

I consider it the most significant achievement of Kevin his successful initiatives for helping urban cities to expand its growth. It’s also wonderful that he was able to provide masterful strategies to improve the residents of Baltimore.

It is also impressive for me that Kevin earned the recognition of the University of Notre Dame – Mendoza College of Business after he completed at the university the second phase of his Nonprofit Fund Development Program course. With this new certificate of attending the Executive Leadership Program, Seawright is now ready to reach out to many more people in marginalized communities.

Right now Kevin Seawright continues to serve as an accounting professional and manager who handles projects in the government, including real estate programs both in Washington, D.C., and Baltimore. He is also actively involved in his role as an active board member for the famous Babe Ruth Museum.

Learn more about Kevin Seawright:–rps-solutions-llc-fill-baltimores-belvedere-square-with-first-time-homebuyers-300263533.html

The Growth of JHSF As the Leading Real Estate Developer in Brazil

It is not difficult why JHSF is considered to be one of the top growing and leading real estate developers in Brazil. The line-up of investments that JHSF is involved in is outstanding. One only needs to look at the upscale hotels that the company invested in to know how fascinating the growth of the enterprise has been. Add to that the different innovative and daring strategies that the companies use for their malls and restaurants, and you’ll see that the growth JHSF sees it’s not unexpected.

The assets increase of JHSF started when it opened projects and invested large capitals in Sao Paulo, Manaus, and Salvador. When the company found out that there was so much potential in the luxury market of administrating malls, its management took advantage and invested in the Catarina Executive Airport to establish a shopping market targeted for high-income consumers. As the potential grew across international markets, JHSF expanded and went all over the world to attract more people to enjoy their services.

The Leadership of José Auriemo Neto

It’s also hard to imagine the growth of JHSF without considering the contributions of its chairman, José Auriemo Neto. Being chairman of JHSF’s board of directors enabled Mr. Neto to provide different high-rise improvements to the infrastructure of the company he’s running. One significant improvement Jose made was when he was able to launch a five-star hotel on Fifth Avenue that is directly in front of Central Park. This goal wasn’t a hard task to implement mainly because Mr. Neto was highly trained in his work from his education at Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado University where he learned mostly some of the fundamental skills of how to overlook the operations of company assets across different continents.

With the support of his wife Mariana and their children, José Auriemo Neto is also able to oversee the growth and development of JHSF since he began working in 1993. Development doesn’t come easy, but with Mr. Neto’s leadership, the shopping destinations and other high-income infrastructure of JHSF continue to expand to achieve greater heights. Also, Jose was credited to be the man behind the management of the parking lot company Parkbem, which was also a success.

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Igor Cornelsen Is Going to Help More People Maximize Their Returns With International Investing

Igor Cornelsen is an expert in investing, and he made sure that people that have never been into the investment world before are provided sound tips on how they can build better investments. Igor has living in America and Brazil are growing, and this makes him a valuable resources to anyone that is trying to branch outside of American Investments.

Igor Cornelsen is living back in America now, but he spent a large amount of time in Brazil. It was during this time that he learned the ropes about the investment opportunities that were available in Latin America. He believes that the Brazilian culture is filled with investment opportunities because Latin America is still growing in many ways.

The economy is booming, and people are dazzled by the fact that there are so many opportunities for investors to put their time and energy into. Cornelsen is one of those investors that has put a tremendous amount of time into making the right investments.

He learned through trial and error. He did not always get it right when it came to his investments, but he has learned a lot down through the years, and he has been more than happy to pass this knowledge on to all those that are coming after him.

He believes that people should become familiar with the culture in Brazil before they try to invest in it. This is really the only way that a person can know what stocks are valuable. People that take the time to invest in the culture are going to have a much better sense of what investments are going to work.

A large part of the business that is profitable in Brazil is the export business. Brazil has a lot of raw materials, and a lot of things are exported to Japan. This is why Igor also recommends that investors keep an eye on the places that are getting things imported from Brazil.

When the economy is bad in Japan it is automatically going to affect the export industry in Brazil. Investors have to be mindful of these economic changes.

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Securus Technologies – Video Visitations Allow Inmates to Keep in Touch with their Family and Friends over Secured Lines

With the advancement in technology, the ways we communicate with others have also evolved. But, there is little that is being done for the inmates inside the prisons. Even if they have done horrible crimes and deserved to be there, they also have the right to be in touch with their family and friends outside. Securus Technologies is one of those companies that are working not just for its clients, i.e., the prison administrators, but also the inmates by giving them a chance to keep in touch with their family members.


I was in prison for a few years and struggled with visit appointments. It was then that Securus Technologies introduced their video visitation services inside the jail. Using the services was quite easy, and I cannot thank them enough for this. I was able to talk to my children on their birthdays and even saw my children graduate using the video visitation services. I was able to talk to my sister who lives out of state using this service. It was not just me but many others who were happy to be able to see their children on holidays and special events. The correctional officers were also very helpful and helped us learn the system quickly.


Securus Technologies is not afraid to share their technology with the world. The company has given an open invitation to prison administration and correctional officials to visit their Center in Dallas to see for themselves. The company has hosted more than 1,300 customers and prospective clients and demonstrated their 1,200 odd products in front of them to choose from. The company is in the forefront of introducing technology services for their clients that will allow them to secure their prisons and correctional facilities. The company spends millions of dollars on research to make use of their enormous resources to create products that are useful to their clients.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco: Towards Award-winning Leadership Of Bradesco

When Luiz Carlos Trabuco took over the presidency of Bradesco in 2009, the Brazilian bank and Brazilian economy were facing significant challenges. The economy was facing significant uncertainties including decelerating financial sector and low growth of loans. Bradesco had just lost its position as the country’s leading insurance company to its fierce competitor, Itaú Unibanco. Additionally, its return on equity was on a decline. Under the leadership of Mr. Trabuco’s predecessor, Márcio Cypriano, Bradesco has rapidly expanded its network through acquisitions. However, the last few years of his reign at the helm of the bank was marked by a considerable decline in the number of suitable banks to acquire in order to increase its network and asset base.

Despite these challenges, Luiz Carlos Trabuco backed by his over four decades of working at Bradesco, strong academic background and excellent track record of leadership, set out ambitious plans to open a staggering 211 new branches. His vision was to promote the bank’s organic growth marked by internal development and reduction of rates to increase its client base.

A Bradesco Veteran

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has worked at Bradesco for over forty years. Since joining the bank as a clerk, he has meteorically risen through the bank’s ranks serving in a wide variety of roles. He joined the bank in 1969 at the bank’s branch in Marília, his hometown. In 1971, he was promoted to work at the company’s headquarters in Sao Paulo he continued his rise through the Brazilian corporate sector. He was appointed to serve as the company’s director in charge of marketing in 1984. It is while heading the bank’s marketing docket he began making significant waves within Bradesco and Brazilian corporate sector at large. He oversaw the bank’s modernization initiative, which opened it up to media.

It was an era that marked his first few steps towards becoming Bradesco’s president. He served as the president of the bank’s private pension company while also doubling up as its executive director for close to six years up to 1998. Luiz Carlos Trabuco was promoted to serve as the executive president of Bradesco’s Rio de Janeiro-based insurance subsidiary, Bradesco Seguros, in 1999 before rising to its presidency in 2003. During his tenure at the helm of the insurance subsidiary, he oversaw the doubling of its size, increase in its Brazilian and Latin American insurance market share. The insurance company, which he still heads, became one of the leading contributors to Bradesco’s net profit. He was later promoted to serve as Bradesco’s vice president before finally being appointed as the president.

Academic Background, Leadership and Management Style

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is a visionary leader who has employed an expansionism model towards ensuring that Bradesco and Bradesco Seguros becoming market leaders. His tenure at Bradesco Seguros saw the insurance company become a market leader not only in Brazil but also Latin America. He increased the company’s market share to 25 percent. He has continued with the same expansion concept at Bradesco with the acquisition of new banks and markets by opening new branches. He saw the company acquire HSBC Brazil for a staggering $5.2 billion in 2015. He has also created a corporate university to churn out Bradesco’s next top talents to take over its leadership.

In 2015, he named the Entrepreneur of the Year under Finance category by Dinheiro. The fourth president of Bradesco has won the Insurance Personality of the Year Awards twice especially during his time at Bradesco Seguros including in 2003 and 2007. He is an alumnus of the University of São Paulo where he graduated with Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy before studying sociopsychology for his postgraduate degree at the School of Sociology and Politics of São Paulo. He is a member of several local and international organizations including Brazilian Federation of Bank Associations and the International Association of Economics Studies of Insurance.

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George Street Photo and Video Meets Chicago

Regardless of whether a couple intends on becoming newlyweds or they married previously, their wedding day has significant meaning in their hearts. Moreover, a couple’s wedding day remains a memorable and thematic experience. To expound further, getting married symbolizes the beginning of a new life. In spite of its significance, many couples remain stressed in reference to finding companies such as George Street Photo and Video.

For those unaware, George Street Photo and Video remains one of the most successful wedding photography and video companies in the business. In particular, the company’s Chicago location remains a place of intrigue. This remains attributed to Chicago’s metropolitan vibe and its long-running history as one of the nation’s most populous cities. Also, Chicago offers a unique experience due to its state-of-the-art architecture. Furthermore, couples remain able to visualize several skyscrapers and high-rises. In closing, no company compares to George Street Photo and Video.

Betsy DeVos – An Active Reformer

Mrs. Betsy Devos is the current Secretary of Education of the United States of America. Betsy Devos has been an advocate and voice for parents and children when it comes to the implementation of education policies. She has been involved in the education sector for more than 30 years. She is passionate about reforms that can help the underprivileged children received the best education that they deserve. Betsy’s interest in education was sparked by her mother who was a public teacher. Betsy was young by then, and her mother was challenged by the reality that not every American child was granted the opportunity of receiving quality education.

Also, Betsy Devos was the first person to witness how the leaders from her hometown were working hard to increase education opportunities for needy children. Since then, Betsy has been fighting for better educational options. She has also worked as an in-school mentor for children who are at risk for 15 years. She even testifies that her interaction with students from Grand Rapid Public Schools changed her perception about education. Follow Betsy on Twitter

As a philanthropist, Betsy Devos is actively involved in the activities that empower parents. She has worked hard to create new education choices for children in 25 states of the USA. As the secretary of education, Betsy is working hard to bring quality education to every student in the United States of America. Betsy Devos believes that background should not be the principal determinant when it comes to the child’s opportunity of receiving the world-class education.

As a reformer, Betsy Devos always looks for advanced solutions to the social problems. She is also the Chairperson of the Windquest Group, which is a private company that deals in the business of manufacturing, clean energy, and technology. However, Mrs. Devos knows how to pursue reform through nonprofit organizations. She also has a wide range of interest when it comes to charitable activities. In that case, Betsy is the Director of Dick and Betsy Family Foundation. Furthermore, Mrs. Devos is a member of many local and national boards, including Kids Hope USA, FEE (Foundation for Excellence in Education), Devos Institutes for Arts Managment, and Mars Hill Bible Church. Perhaps, Betsy Devos is a leading advocate for quality education. As an educational advocate, Betsy is the chairperson for AFC (American Federation for Children) and ASC (Alliance for School Choice).

Regarding educational background, Betsy Devos attended Calvin College in Michigan, from where she received a Bachelor Degree in Arts. Apart from educational life, politics, and charitable activities, Betsy Devos is a married woman. She is married to Dick Devos who is an entrepreneur, community activists, and philanthropist. Together as a family, they have six grandchildren and four children. Check this article from

InnovaCare Health Solutions Announces New Chief Administrative Officer, Penelope Kokkinides

InnovaCare Health Solutions, Inc., a leading provider of managed health care services recently announced a key addition to their management team.

Penelope Kokkinides, who joined the firm as its Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) has an impressive career in the health care industry. A graduate of the School of Public Health at Columbia University has more than 23 years of related management as Vice President of Clinical Operations, Chief Operating Officer and most recently, Executive Vice President of Centerlight Health System. Kokkinides also serves as a member of the Brooklyn Tech Alumni Foundation and Fundacion Dorada. In her new position at InnovaCare, Kokkinides will utilize her knowledge expertise of the Medicare and Medicaid health care systems. Read more about Innovacare at Crunchbase.

The new CAO was featured in the news in April of this year, when she became one of 8 women invited as part of an industry panel that met at the White House with President Donald Trump as part of a round table discussion focusing on issues related to the future of Medicare Advantage, the medicare program servicing most of the population of the islands of Puerto Rico. Following the meeting, Kokkinides summarized findings of the discussion that the current Presidential administration, is deliberating changes to the Medicare Advantage system that would resolve a number of longstanding issues with the program.

Richard Shinto, M.D., President and Chief Executive Officer of the company stated that the management team addition reflects the organization’s ongoing efforts to add “a rich background” and “unique skill set” to position the firm for success amid the ever-increasingly complex and changing health care industry.

Dr. Shinto has an impressive background as well, having received his Bachelor’s of Science degree from the University of California at Irvine and completed his medical degree from State University of New York. He also earned an MBA from Redlands University. The M.D., CEO has practiced as an internist and pulmonologist prior to his leadership roles in the managed health care industry.

Having more than 2 decades of managed care leadership experience, Richard Shinto has served as President and CEO of Aveta, Inc., North American Medical Management, MMM Healthcare, and PMC Medicare choice.



About InnovaCare Health Solutions, Inc.

Headquartered in Fort Lee, New Jersey, InnovaCare Health delivers managed health care services and is a leading provider of Medicare Advantage plans and physician practice services across North America. The company’s provider network includes 7,500 physicians and serves more than 200,000 members. Read this article at

How Sweetgreen Co-founder Nathaniel Ru Used Technology To Create A Successful Business

Like Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Apple’s Steve Jobs and Microsoft’s Bill Gates entrepreneur Nathaniel Ru and the business partners that he co-founded the company Sweetgreen started out with a big idea. Nathaniel Ru and his two friends were college students at Georgetown in Washington DC who got together and brainstormed a game changing business idea in their dorm room. What sets Ru and his business partners apart from Jobs, Gates and Zuckerberg however is that their big idea did not necessarily concern becoming the biggest name in technology. In 2007 these young entrepreneurs set out to conquer a totally different sector of the business world: food.


Ru and his partners launched the restaurant chain Sweetgreen in order to fill what they saw as a dearth of easily accessible healthy food in the DC area. Their restaurant has won many fans by offering restaurant goers affordable, fresh, locally sourced food. The company has managed to open 40 different locations around the country after launching in the Washington DC area. The menu boasts wholesome and tasty menu selections like a warm salad called the harvest bowl which is comprised of goat cheese, apples, toasted almonds, sweet potatoes and roasted chicken. Sweetgreen also offers its customers a dish called the fish taco warm bowl that includes ingredients like cabbage, tortilla chips, a lime cilantro vinaigrette and roasted steelhead.


Though Nathaniel Ru and his partners are not tech world savants they are restaurateurs who have figured out how to build a seamless marriage between technology and good food. While many restaurants have had to adjust to the advent of technology by incorporating digital menu options into their site, Sweetgreen started out being aware of how important technology and the digital world is to building a relationship with contemporary diners in the 21st century. The company has focused on building a website and an app that allows customers to place their orders without having to come to a Sweetgreen location in person. Apparently the Sweetgreen app and website is such a success that according to business publication Fortune magazine one third of Sweetgreen’s sales are made through either of these mediums. Learn more:


The company has also tried to innovate the restaurant business by throwing out traditional approaches to management. For many restaurants the relationship between corporate and local chains can be a distant one. Not so for Sweetgreen. The company prides itself on breaking down the barriers that typically keep a company’s most senior leadership removed from what is happening on the ground level at their company. They do this by taking time off from their work at the corporate office five times each year to work in their restaurants. This keeps them aware of what is happening with their company and makes them better equipped to make the right strategic decisions for Sweetgreen’s future. Learn more: