The Mission Of End Citizens United

Politics in the world, especially in the USA, has been controlled by the wealthy for decades. This will continue if people remain ignorant of this. The wealth aspect gives them the ultimate power to put the leaders they want at the top most positions. Being able to fund campaigns extensively is what has made this possible. The End Citizens United comes in here; a Political Action Committee started by the Democrats, whose donors are from the grassroots. They have a big dream for reforms in their country. Analysed and explained in this piece is their mission.


As explained above, the ridiculously wealthy organizations and corporations have been able to fund elections in the country for quite some time. And the Supreme Court’s decision in 2010 has made it possible for them to spend unlimited and untraceable money, thus, making elections lack accountability and transparency. End Citizens United plans on putting an end to this by making sure candidates desired by people from the grassroots also get enough money to run their campaigns hence increasing their chances of winning.


In this year alone, this Political Action Committee has been able to raise more than $4 million, projecting an increase of up to $35 million before the 2018 midterm Congress elections. It will be quite an achievement compared to the 2016 elections, its first election cycle in operation when they had raised $25 million.


Apart from the money aspect of this committee, its main aim is to provide a platform for the majority of the citizens who have been cast aside by the billionaires; show the rest of the country that they can, and are fighting back, mobilize even more people to join their cause, and thus, forcing lawmakers to take action, and review the decision made by the Supreme Court in 2010.


Another primary goal of the Political Action Committee is to stop election rigging. Election rigging has been going on for quite some time, enabled by the funding of elections by billionaires. Their aim for doing so is to tip off political power in their favor, making themselves richer at the expense of the poor.


End Citizens United also educates people at the grassroots level on what has been happening behind the curtains in the political world, the unlimited funding which is also untraceable, and how they can also be able to put the leaders they want in power.


To achieve all the above, the Political Action Committee plans on; raising the issue of money in politics as a national priority, using the grassroots membership to show how money has been used to gain political power, and electing pro-reform candidates.

Don Ressler Uses Technology To Build His Brand

One of the most innovative aspects to Don Ressler is his use of technology to help with the building of technology on He has used every tool available to not only build some new products and designs but to also compel the customers to shop with them. He has taken the time to not only build a brand for customers to shop at, but to also have a story to tell for the customers to get involved with the company. Don has put together a brand lab that makes it easier for them to actually move forward with their business and products.

With the lab that Don Ressler has put together, he has managed to come up with ideas that will not only help his business, but also help his customers. Among the things that his lab deals with is the type of campaign that they will run. After all, it is the campaign that is going to get the customers to want to visit the website and actually make their purchases on A lot of creativity goes into the type of campaigns they are going to use. Among the different types of themes that they are going to use for their advertising include social media themes.

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When it comes to business success, the best thing to do is take the time to make sure that one knows how to connect with the customers so that he will be able to make the sales. Advertising has to speak to the customer. Don Ressler also has shown that he knows where his target audience goes so that he can not only reach them, but he can also meet them where they are. This includes making advertising that is relevant to the topic and the company. Of course, Don Ressler can make any type of campaign work at

Sam Boraie; the Real Estate Mogul and Philanthropist

Bob Marley was once quoted saying that “The greatest man is not in how much wealth he acquires but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively.” Sam Boraie is one such great man, and the positive change that he has affected in New Brunswick personally and through Boraie Development is a true testimony of his greatness.

Sam Boraie is a philanthropist and real estate mogul who has put quite an amount of effort in facilitating the growth of New Brunswick. At the moment, he is the Vice President of the Brunswick Development, a real estate company that has played quite the role in the development of New Brunswick.

In the course of the past five years, Boraie Development has focused on developing not only the city of New Brunswick but with an extension to Newark and Atlantic City, reveals the NY Times. After all, the whole of New Jersey can only be developed if all its parts are equally developed. The project that has been running in New Brunswick include the construction of office buildings, retail shops, and residential apartments. Through these projects, Boraie Development has been able to give businesses and residents their requirements.

With a wide experience in the field of real estate and an even wider experience in life at 73, the brains behind the projects by Boraie are sharp and experienced. According to PR News, the company deals not only with the development of these properties but also in property management. Every building ran by Boraie Development is top notch, and whenever there is an issue in any unit, it is immediately checked on. Accounting, maintenance, and customer service are among the activities carried out in the property management of the firm.

Boraie and the State Theater in New Brunswick

One of the landmarks that the residents of New Brunswick are terribly proud of is the State Theater. For any art enthusiast in the city, this theater is a haven, and the students benefit as well a lot. Music performance and the support of culture is performed in this theater, and this is made possible with enough funding. One of the major supporting partners are the Boraie Development as they understand that for any town to be preserved, its culture has to be preserved as well.

Seeing as he is among the members of the Board of Trustees, Boraie is partly ensured with the decision-making process to ensure that art and culture are preserved while providing entertainment. Source:

Boraie and Elijah’s Promise

Elijah’s Promise is an anti-hunger charity organization that aims to ensure that no one sleeps hungry in New Brunswick. Among the major supporters of this organization is Boraie Development.

As a member of the advisory board of the Elijah’s Promise, Boraie serves to provide advice to the Elijah’s Promise to ensure that the services provided are aimed to benefit anyone who might not have something decent to eat.

Clearly, Boraie is a great man, a man who has left his positive footprints in New Brunswick. If his dreams come true, Newark and Atlantic City will soon have his real estate and philanthropist touch.

Fabletics Key to Success: Reverse Showrooming

Retailers everywhere have been suffering from the recent phenomenon of “showrooming”. This is the act of shoppers browsing in stores only to go home and buy the same item online for a lower price. Over time these changes in how consumers shop have caused numerous store closings and have changed the way retailers view and interact with consumers. Instead of viewing showrooming as a negative, Fabletics realized the silver lining. By first launching as an online shop and then opening a brick-and-mortar, Fabletics integrated showrooming into their shopping experience to build relationships with their consumers and the communities the consumer support. Because of their down-to-earth approach to gaining and maintaining customers, 30-50% of in-store guests are already members and 25% become members on their first store visit. In-store, Fabletics encourages browsing because they don’t care if you buy online or in-store, they just want you to buy how you feel most comfortable. Most consumers are still very tactile, meaning they feel more confident about a purchase when they can touch or feel the item before buying. When you visit in-store at Fabletics, items that are tried on are automatically placed into your online shopping cart. For anyone that still mourns an item they should have purchased but now cannot find anywhere, this is a game changer. Some people just feel more comfortable about buying items online for many reasons. Shopping at Fabletics allows you to try items on in-store, get an idea of how the clothing fits and feels, and then never have to worry or wonder if something will fit. Fabletics is successfully redefining how retailers and consumers look at showrooming, as well as changing the way retailers communicate and interact with their shoppers.


A Review of Fabletics

All things considered, Fabletics is a great deal. The quality of items rivals that of more expensive brands, but without breaking the bank. Unfortunately, many items have a tendency to run small or long, which is great news for those who have trouble finding clothes to fit longer limbs. The range of style at their price points is almost unmatched. From basic black to super trendy, there’s a fit for every style. The website is a bit messy and not easy to navigate. Quite often items are out of stock or will run out quickly, particularly the new releases. Dealing with their customer service is not the best. While they always resolve an issue, like a missing item, often times by the time the issue is resolved, the item that is missing or needs to be exchanged for another is out of stock. Fabletics is an amazing deal for what they are offering and like any new brand or company, they are still working out some kinks.

Squaw Valley Ski Holdings Reacts to Reports of Drinking Water Contamination

Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows ski resort has found it necessary to address the public regarding a report of drinking water contamination found at the upper mountain location of Squaw Mountain. The issue came to the attention of the Placer County Department of Environmental Health in early November. The testing revealed coliform and E.Coli bacteria in the water. No illness or health concerns have been reported but consumption of the water was banned until the problem is resolved.


The Public Relations Director for Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows, Liesl Kenney, released a statement explaining the situation. It detailed the flooding of a recently upgraded water system during an especially severe rainstorm in October. This overflow led to a contamination to only one system while all others remain untouched. The results of in-house testing revealed the contamination which was immediately reported to both the Placer County Environmental Health department and the Squaw Valley Public Service District.


The ski resort is working with these departments to address the concern and will continue to remain on top of the problem until the water quality is returned to its normal, safe purity level. No water is being used through the affected system at either High Camp or Gold Coast. This procedure will remain in place until cleared for use by public health officials.


The ski resort staff also expressed how seriously they are taking this concern because of the importance of the safety of all of their guests. The use of the facilities is unchanged and they continue to supply bottled water, free of charge, to all guests to eliminate any potential inconvenience. An additional announcement will be made once the matter has been resolved.

Squaw Valley issues statement on upper mountain water quality

How EOS Became A Popular Lip Balm

EOS is known for it’s fun colors, cheap price, and easy to use ball. What a lot of people don’t really know is how they came about and how they got so popular on Facebook and other social media sites. Essence of Smooth had to go through a lot to be the company that it is today.

At first, EOS was meant to be a dental care company to help people with their teeth. They surveyed around and agreed to turn it towards the skin protection route with a modern touch. The chapstick back in the 1900’s used to come in a stick or a small tube that you’d have to squeeze it out of. EOS lip balm found a way to innovate the procedure to just rubbing your lips with natural ingredients that smell good and don’t stick or melt.

Even though they weren’t known at first, the company pushed through to develop the 95% natural product that every skin type can use. With the boastful lip balm, Essence of Smooth made it’s way to convenient stores all around the United States. From there word got out to locals and have made it’s way to magazines and fashion shows. They now stand as the second best selling balm and have started to develop lotions and other things for their customers.

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