How EOS Became A Popular Lip Balm

EOS is known for it’s fun colors, cheap price, and easy to use ball. What a lot of people don’t really know is how they came about and how they got so popular on Facebook and other social media sites. Essence of Smooth had to go through a lot to be the company that it is today.

At first, EOS was meant to be a dental care company to help people with their teeth. They surveyed around and agreed to turn it towards the skin protection route with a modern touch. The chapstick back in the 1900’s used to come in a stick or a small tube that you’d have to squeeze it out of. EOS lip balm found a way to innovate the procedure to just rubbing your lips with natural ingredients that smell good and don’t stick or melt.

Even though they weren’t known at first, the company pushed through to develop the 95% natural product that every skin type can use. With the boastful lip balm, Essence of Smooth made it’s way to convenient stores all around the United States. From there word got out to locals and have made it’s way to magazines and fashion shows. They now stand as the second best selling balm and have started to develop lotions and other things for their customers.

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