The Mission Of End Citizens United

Politics in the world, especially in the USA, has been controlled by the wealthy for decades. This will continue if people remain ignorant of this. The wealth aspect gives them the ultimate power to put the leaders they want at the top most positions. Being able to fund campaigns extensively is what has made this possible. The End Citizens United comes in here; a Political Action Committee started by the Democrats, whose donors are from the grassroots. They have a big dream for reforms in their country. Analysed and explained in this piece is their mission.


As explained above, the ridiculously wealthy organizations and corporations have been able to fund elections in the country for quite some time. And the Supreme Court’s decision in 2010 has made it possible for them to spend unlimited and untraceable money, thus, making elections lack accountability and transparency. End Citizens United plans on putting an end to this by making sure candidates desired by people from the grassroots also get enough money to run their campaigns hence increasing their chances of winning.


In this year alone, this Political Action Committee has been able to raise more than $4 million, projecting an increase of up to $35 million before the 2018 midterm Congress elections. It will be quite an achievement compared to the 2016 elections, its first election cycle in operation when they had raised $25 million.


Apart from the money aspect of this committee, its main aim is to provide a platform for the majority of the citizens who have been cast aside by the billionaires; show the rest of the country that they can, and are fighting back, mobilize even more people to join their cause, and thus, forcing lawmakers to take action, and review the decision made by the Supreme Court in 2010.


Another primary goal of the Political Action Committee is to stop election rigging. Election rigging has been going on for quite some time, enabled by the funding of elections by billionaires. Their aim for doing so is to tip off political power in their favor, making themselves richer at the expense of the poor.


End Citizens United also educates people at the grassroots level on what has been happening behind the curtains in the political world, the unlimited funding which is also untraceable, and how they can also be able to put the leaders they want in power.


To achieve all the above, the Political Action Committee plans on; raising the issue of money in politics as a national priority, using the grassroots membership to show how money has been used to gain political power, and electing pro-reform candidates.

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