EOS Lip Balm Outshines the Pack!

Have you ever wished for a lip balm that was as smooth and chic as it was effective on your lips? Did you think that lip balm could be a cool and profitable niche again despite all of the lackluster options out there? Well look no further than EOS lip balm who products have brought to life a once lifeless industry. Their mission is to bring your useable and affordable products that are ready for your use and very practical in design. This lip balm is designed to look like a small spherical pen with its insides filed with colorful balm easy to use and ready for action! According to Fast Company Magazine, the leaders at EOS wanted to create a practical product that would stand out from the traditional stick of lip balm you see in the stores. The idea worked and now you can find the lip balm in stores such as Target and Walgreens. The branding culture of EOS is even factored into the name which stands for Evolution of Smooth. What is so smooth about this product is the profit rise of it as it has sold over 100 Million units of these lip balms. The founders have strived to create a personal customer experience and that has helped EOS to lead and outshine the pack of lip balm contenders in the market. Check out their products on Racked next time you are out and about in town and feeling a little chappy!

EOS Facebook; https://www.facebook.com/eos/

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