Securus Technologies – Championing Innovation in Incarceration Facilities

Securus Technologies, Inc. is an American company locates in Dallas, Texas. Securus is among the largest American for profit prison technology companies. Securus provides parolee tracking, detainee information and providing Government informational solutions. The company serves several facilities in over 45 states that include; Canada, District of Columbia, and Mexico. At the national level, Securus serves an approximate of 1 million inmates. Secures provides vital services in innovation, customer service and communal corrections and law enforcement.


Securus was established in 2004 after the merging of T-Netix and Evercom. The dual were competent corrections companies, this therefore gave Securus an upper hand in its operations. Consequently Securus was honored internationally for its offender management systems. In 2016, Securus announced their $600 investment in patents, acquisitions and technologies for 3 years. In order to realize their core aims effectively, Securus develops new services and products weekly. According to Smith, the Chief Executive Officer at Securus Technologies, these spontaneous innovations solely seek to fight crime.


Securus Technologies has experienced enormous expansion rates in its scale of operations. A case in point, is a contraband cell phone control system. In 2016, Securus Technologies received approval from more than five correctional departments, in its Managed Access Solutions. Later in 2016, Securus and Harris Corporation signed a partnership agreement on a technology call Cell Defender. Securus first announced its Wireless Containment Solutions in 2017. This technology aimed to prevent the connection between contraband cell phones and mobile networks.


Securus Technologies is critically concerned with technological solutions in ensuring criminal and civil justice. This consequently seeks to assure the public of their safety through corrections, investigations and general suppression of crimes. Customers’ comments on the use of technology to prevent crimes has widely been published. This publications certainly, includes even the crimes performed among the inmates themselves.


Considering the positive feedback from the public, many people are very impressed by various technological corrections adopted by Securus. For instance, monitoring the inmates about the use of alcohol among other hard drugs has brought about efficiency in most correctional centers. Similarly, several corrections now rely on the information provided by Securus. For this reason, other correctional agencies have also expressed gratitude particularly in contraband security system enhancement.


Securus has also been commended on the use of modern investigative tools to protect the public against harassment and threats. Securus has also received credit on its LBS software that used in civil injustice mitigation in the process of law enforcement. Moreover, Secures is a global leader in conducting investigations, incident management, information management, biometric analysis, public information, inmate self-service and emergency response services with the primary goal of making the world a better place.

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