Betsy DeVos – An Active Reformer

Mrs. Betsy Devos is the current Secretary of Education of the United States of America. Betsy Devos has been an advocate and voice for parents and children when it comes to the implementation of education policies. She has been involved in the education sector for more than 30 years. She is passionate about reforms that can help the underprivileged children received the best education that they deserve. Betsy’s interest in education was sparked by her mother who was a public teacher. Betsy was young by then, and her mother was challenged by the reality that not every American child was granted the opportunity of receiving quality education.

Also, Betsy Devos was the first person to witness how the leaders from her hometown were working hard to increase education opportunities for needy children. Since then, Betsy has been fighting for better educational options. She has also worked as an in-school mentor for children who are at risk for 15 years. She even testifies that her interaction with students from Grand Rapid Public Schools changed her perception about education. Follow Betsy on Twitter

As a philanthropist, Betsy Devos is actively involved in the activities that empower parents. She has worked hard to create new education choices for children in 25 states of the USA. As the secretary of education, Betsy is working hard to bring quality education to every student in the United States of America. Betsy Devos believes that background should not be the principal determinant when it comes to the child’s opportunity of receiving the world-class education.

As a reformer, Betsy Devos always looks for advanced solutions to the social problems. She is also the Chairperson of the Windquest Group, which is a private company that deals in the business of manufacturing, clean energy, and technology. However, Mrs. Devos knows how to pursue reform through nonprofit organizations. She also has a wide range of interest when it comes to charitable activities. In that case, Betsy is the Director of Dick and Betsy Family Foundation. Furthermore, Mrs. Devos is a member of many local and national boards, including Kids Hope USA, FEE (Foundation for Excellence in Education), Devos Institutes for Arts Managment, and Mars Hill Bible Church. Perhaps, Betsy Devos is a leading advocate for quality education. As an educational advocate, Betsy is the chairperson for AFC (American Federation for Children) and ASC (Alliance for School Choice).

Regarding educational background, Betsy Devos attended Calvin College in Michigan, from where she received a Bachelor Degree in Arts. Apart from educational life, politics, and charitable activities, Betsy Devos is a married woman. She is married to Dick Devos who is an entrepreneur, community activists, and philanthropist. Together as a family, they have six grandchildren and four children. Check this article from

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