Securus Technologies – Video Visitations Allow Inmates to Keep in Touch with their Family and Friends over Secured Lines

With the advancement in technology, the ways we communicate with others have also evolved. But, there is little that is being done for the inmates inside the prisons. Even if they have done horrible crimes and deserved to be there, they also have the right to be in touch with their family and friends outside. Securus Technologies is one of those companies that are working not just for its clients, i.e., the prison administrators, but also the inmates by giving them a chance to keep in touch with their family members.


I was in prison for a few years and struggled with visit appointments. It was then that Securus Technologies introduced their video visitation services inside the jail. Using the services was quite easy, and I cannot thank them enough for this. I was able to talk to my children on their birthdays and even saw my children graduate using the video visitation services. I was able to talk to my sister who lives out of state using this service. It was not just me but many others who were happy to be able to see their children on holidays and special events. The correctional officers were also very helpful and helped us learn the system quickly.


Securus Technologies is not afraid to share their technology with the world. The company has given an open invitation to prison administration and correctional officials to visit their Center in Dallas to see for themselves. The company has hosted more than 1,300 customers and prospective clients and demonstrated their 1,200 odd products in front of them to choose from. The company is in the forefront of introducing technology services for their clients that will allow them to secure their prisons and correctional facilities. The company spends millions of dollars on research to make use of their enormous resources to create products that are useful to their clients.


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