Robert Santiago is Redefining Shopping in Brazil

The shopping section in Brazil is growing steadily. Robert Santiago, a leading developer, and entrepreneur has positioned himself to capture the developing market with contemporary shopping malls. The Robert Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall in João Pessoa is a modern shopping and leisure complex that is attracting millions of shoppers. The largest mall in the region is redefining the shopping experience with its strategic location, inviting architecture and pioneering strategies.

It is also providing employment opportunities to thousands of people empowering the development of the local economy. Various studies conducted in the region suggest the volume of shoppers is on the rise despite the overall economy being described as recovering. Retail stores are enjoying record sales with more than a million people frequenting the complex on a monthly basis.

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Robert Santiago developed the complex with modern shoppers in mind. It has a special focus on wholesome family entertainment. The mall boasts of state-of-the-art entertainment spots that include retail stores, movie theaters, recreation centers, fast foods and gourmet dining spaces, performance centers and a university outlet among others. The performance facilities and movie halls are unrivaled in the region with over eleven cinema halls. The Domus Hall has gained national recognition as the go-to hotspot for movies, performances, and cultural festivals.

The complex offers a variety of dining options for the discerning consumer with an expansive food court and on-site restaurants. He has enabled flexibility and a serene environment with proven results. As a native of the city, he has an in-depth understanding of the consumer trends enabling him to provide targeted solutions.

Robert Santiago attended the Pio X-Marist College and graduated in business administration from the University of Joao Pessoa. He has previously operated successful businesses such as the Café Santa Rosa and a packaging company before dipping his toes in the luxury development space. The Robert Santiago Manaira Shopping complex offers convenience, leisure and fun experiences to consumers.

The ingenious design of the shopping complex has empowered business owners, shoppers, and personnel to rally behind him ensuring the future growth of the local community. It is uniquely located to attract buyers from the neighborhood and beyond. Robert Santiago is still expanding the facility that has undergone several renovations to adapt to the dynamic trends of retails stores and customers. Read more at Blog Do Gordinho.

The mall is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the entertainment industry with international performances routinely held at the center. Additionally, global businesses are taking notice and quickly snapping up the available spaces. He is upbeat about investments in Brazil and urges upcoming entrepreneurs to execute their action plans faster to exploit the emerging opportunities.

During his free time, Robert Santiago enjoys motocross championships and karting adventures where he has won numerous awards.

Tips Every “Dreamer” Should Learn from the Life of Todd Lubar

Most people have Known Todd Lubar as the TDL Global Ventures’ President. However, that is not all about him. Lubar is also a businessman and an entrepreneur with over 20 years’ experience in the industry of real estate enabling other people to accomplish their dreams to become homeowners. Todd, often, has been listed among the top 25 national mortgage originators. Apart from his real estate venture, Todd Lubar has as well ventured in various industries ranging from mortgage banking to construction, to the entertainment industry. His great passion is evident in how he serves the community. Lubar’s great experience has aided him in leveraging his acumen of business to prepare other individuals for success.

The origin of his TDL Global Ventures idea

Having worked in the credit and finance sector, Lubar noted his strong urge for helping people to achieve their dreams. For this reason, he identified a way of eliminating the common obstacles that deter people from getting much-required loans. Therefore, he created a consumer program and product that would relief them, by offering them exactly what they wanted.

How does Lubar bring his ideas to life?

To help him prioritize and put his days into perspective, Todd Lubar works hard to stay up-to-date with news in his industry. He works out every morning to energize himself and refresh his mind for the entire day. Lubar’s main secret that has enabled him to accomplish great success is being willing to make his dreams come true. His experience in the real estate is his key lead for working in the mortgage banking as well as his TDL venture.

He also keeps his finger on every aspect’s pulse of his business. He notes, in his interview with the Hackronym, the people he associates himself with have contributed to most of his success. His friends have always challenged him and promoted his growth. He adds that it is through continued hard work that people have focused their attention on him as their role model. He has for many years persisted through tough times to achieve his dreams.

Honest communication and trust culture with other people related to his industry venture have contributed much to his business growth. He ensures that his software, as well as web services, operates as he works. Todd Lubar encourages young “dreamers” to maximize their time. He adds that people must set higher dreams for themselves while thinking and behave in a manner that is likely to bring their ideas to life.

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Don Ressler Uses Technology To Build His Brand

One of the most innovative aspects to Don Ressler is his use of technology to help with the building of technology on He has used every tool available to not only build some new products and designs but to also compel the customers to shop with them. He has taken the time to not only build a brand for customers to shop at, but to also have a story to tell for the customers to get involved with the company. Don has put together a brand lab that makes it easier for them to actually move forward with their business and products.

With the lab that Don Ressler has put together, he has managed to come up with ideas that will not only help his business, but also help his customers. Among the things that his lab deals with is the type of campaign that they will run. After all, it is the campaign that is going to get the customers to want to visit the website and actually make their purchases on A lot of creativity goes into the type of campaigns they are going to use. Among the different types of themes that they are going to use for their advertising include social media themes.

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When it comes to business success, the best thing to do is take the time to make sure that one knows how to connect with the customers so that he will be able to make the sales. Advertising has to speak to the customer. Don Ressler also has shown that he knows where his target audience goes so that he can not only reach them, but he can also meet them where they are. This includes making advertising that is relevant to the topic and the company. Of course, Don Ressler can make any type of campaign work at